The best ways to find a Lladro Item number. Lladro item numbers aren't always under the piece.  The company has been around for over 60 years and they didn't always start putting item numbers under the pieces till about the early 90's.  I've had a lots customers try and appraise there pieces but they couldn't figurine out the original number of the piece and the name.  With technology today its only getting easier and easier to do just that. 


1st) One of the best ways to find an item number is to buy "The Lladro Authorized reference guide" I believe the last one they made is in 2004 but they have every piece they've ever created from the early days of the company to 2004.  They have over 4,550 pieces in that book.

2nd) If you don't have the book or don't want to pay money to find the item number you can go to google and put in Lladro and as many descriptions of the piece as you can.  Try to be as exact as possible, so if she has a blue dress, a bird, flowers, swing the more exact you are the more google can search thru the internet and help you find your item.

3) If you've been looking online and still can't find the item number feel free to email me @ and I may be able to assist.


Thanks for reading my first blog, if you have any questions or topics about Lladro, Swarovski or any other lines we might have please let me know.  


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