After the Storm Bread Bowl

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Reminiscent of Jackson Pollock's artistic technique of splattering paint onto his canvas. Michael Aram introduces After the Storm. a collection created by dripping hot molten metal over formed curves and flat planes. After the Storm is inspired by the pervasive sense of calm one feels when a storm has come to rest. It is the celebration of the serene afterglow the moment when the sky clears. the breeze is soft. and the streets are purged by the receding rain.
"A few years ago there was a big storm that I watched from my window. The torrential rain hit the window. spattered. and dripped down my windowpane. Once the storm finished. a mixture of curiosity and cabin fever lead me outside to explore the wreckage left in the wake of the storm. Branches were downed. leaves and mud combined into sludge caught in the storm drains. There was something beautiful in the newly formed clusters of natural elements which had been pulled together by the storm. I wanted to capture that sense of unpredictability in the intensely spontaneous flow of natural material in each piece."

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