Moser Gloria 628, hand cut and gilded vase, topaz

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  • design: 1920-1935
  • height: 35 cm/13.7 inch, 30,5 cm/12 inch, 25,5 cm/10 inch, 20,5 cm/8.1 inch, 15 cm/5.9 inch and 11,5 cm/4.5 inch
  • classical shaped vase on a massive base hand cut into twelve edges
  • hand blown of ecologically friendly lead-free crystal
  • hand cut and hand polished to a high gloss
  • hand gilded with 24 K gold
  • gold is hand polished to a high gloss
  • the hand cut vase is available in clear, or with 24 K gold (so called oroplastic – the motif of Amazons or flowers) and in six Moser´s translucent colours
  • available also with variety of hand engraved designs

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